If you are interested in: learn double entry bookkeeping
practical training in accountancy and payroll

Then this course will meet your requirements.
Course length: Introductory 2 days
Advanced 1 day

Bookkeeping skills are an essential tool for those working as part of the finance community. A knowledge of debits and credits helps team members in Purchase & Sales Ledger, Payroll and other support functions see the big picture of where the transactions they process go and how they impact on the financial statements.
Our highly interactive practical bookkeeping courses will guide delegates through the basics of double entry bookkeeping and relate these ideas to the transactions & business of your organisation. There will be plenty of exercises for the delegates to practice these techniques on the course.
The course is structured as an initial 2 day block to take delegates through the basics of double entry bookkeeping. A further one day follow up course will then look at the accounting for transactions that are unique or specific to your organisation.

Course content:

Introductory (2 days)
• The financial statements
• Income, expenses & profit
• Assets & liabilities
• The dual effect: debits & credits
• Ledger accounting
• Fixed/non current assets & depreciation
• Accruals & prepayments
• Debtors/receivables & bad debts

Advanced (1 day)
• Sales ledger
• Purchase Ledger
• Payroll
• Topics specific to your organisation as specified

Our Commitment
We will take feedback from each delegate to enable you to track the business benefits of training. The feedback forms can include:
• The clarity, enthusiasm and ability of the Tutor
• If the course exceeded expectations
• Action plans and commitments to improve personal performance
• Relevance to the job
A report on feedback will then be submitted to you.

Training Materials
On all courses delegates will be given a ring binder containing a copy of the presentation materials together with any relevant exercises or examples.